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11 advices for sexual life improvement

| April 2, 2019 |

Problems in sexual life are often cause separation. Listening to advice of psychologists, you can save love, make communication with your partner stronger and avoid boredom in bed.


The Sperm with the Quality Mark – Saving Men’s Health

| October 7, 2016 |

According to scientists, autumn and winter – is the time of maximum activity of sperm. So this article is addressed to future dads or moms. The birth of a new life – is one of the essential terms of the formula of love. And sometimes, in order to achieve its positive results, namely the future dads have to make considerable efforts. Male genetic material, sperm – is a very capricious substance. So, for example, three days rejection of sex has beneficial effects on its quality. The excess drinking glass, on the other hand, will provoke “chaos” from the waist down.

Lazy sperm do not choose their hosts. Neither the worker nor a banker nor handsome man with a cover of a fashion magazine, nor a man with more modest external data is safe from them. Sluggard with exhausted flagella are generated by stress and overwork, unhealthy diet and poor environment. If you decide to bring order to this sphere, have patience. The process of formation of male germ cells lasts about 75 days.

That’s how much time you need to get rid of the “defective” sperm and wait for the ripe new “elite”. What can give them strength and what may harm them or even kill?

Impact of Products on the Sperm Quality

Each product affects the composition of the sperm, so it is important to avoid some products that can disrupt texture and material properties.

  1. Alcohol and testosterone. “Therapeutic” sex dose of alcohol is not a hindrance, and even good. However, over the crony relationship with a green serpent will break the harmony in your bedroom. Waking sexual appetite, drunk over a measure alcohol will cause treacherous blow at the crucial moment. For men, falling in alcohol dependence, impotence – it is a real threat.

Habit de-stress with the help of spirits is dangerous because “antidepressant with degrees” suppresses the production of testosterone, a hormone necessary for the development of male germ cells. Studies of British scientists confirmed that two bottles of beer, drunk per day can prevent the conception of the child.

  1. Take a break. The quality of healthy sperm is directly dependent on how often you have sex. Temporary waiver of physical love will improve the quality of sex cells. However, do not go too far. To give the sperm of energy is enough to hold without sex 3-5 days.
  2. Figs, lemons & Co. The healing process of the most sensitive part of the male body will be supported with antioxidants, fighters against free radicals. Include in your diet citrus fruits, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes.

Useful vitamins and minerals – zinc will lead to normal semen viscosity and increase the production of testosterone, and therefore will increase the number of sperm. Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 will make them move faster, vitamin E will improve their ability to penetrate the ovum. Ginseng will also accelerate your gametes. Like the taste of figs, this fruit is simply created for men: it has a beneficial effect on the process of sperm maturation.

  1. Give up cigarettes. Nicotine weakens the ability of sperm to penetrate the ovule and fertilize it.
  2. Goodbye, hamburger! Love the grilled meat, rice or burgers? If yes, then you are unlikely to appreciate the news that came from the Spanish researchers. They found that fatty dishes from pork or beef contribute to reduce the number of sperm cells and slows their movement. Under the influence of the female hormone estrogen, which is actively produced at an elevated amount of fat in the body, the male sex cells become lazy and sluggish.

And another tip of British scientists: men should not to be gotten involved in dishes from soy. Soya – is a purely “female” plant. Substance it contains destroys sperm still on the way toward the ovum.

Male Infertility – Causes and Treatment

| July 7, 2016 |

Male Infertility – Causes and TreatmentInfertility – the inability of a pair to have children over one year of regular sexual intercourse without contraception. Nowadays, all over the world there is large number of couples experiencing infertility. World index ranges from 15 to 17%. Despite the fact that even the very definition of “infertility” refers to the pair, not just to women, health care professionals only in the last decade began to take into account the “male factor”, and not by accident. Modern statistics and medical studies show that nearly half of the cases the inability to have children is to blame man.

As a general rule, no special problems associated with the lack of reproductive function, the man does not feel. For many years, representative of the stronger sex`s impaired fertility can remain hidden until the couple did not take a firm decision to have a child, and desired pregnancy for a woman wouldn`t have been come. If the attempt to achieve pregnancy in a couple is unsuccessful for one year, causes of dysfunction are established on the results of the survey and the issue of the treatment is discussed.

Diagnostics of male infertility

Diagnostics of male infertility

To achieve good results and improve reproductive activity, is required the man to passed all a thorough examination of. The effectiveness of male infertility`s treatment of depends primarily on the correct diagnosis.

Sperm analysis. As a rule, this is the first and most specific analysis of male, the survey starts with him. It is important that in this case rules completion of analysis to be accurately observed, and study of sperm analysis to be conducted by competent professionals in the competent laboratory.

Blood test. Because infertility is often associated with endocrine factors it is required to hold a hormonal blood test.

Medical history. Medical story is studies detailed including general and especially sexual development, previous diseases and treatments covered, the impact of external factors is taken into account.

General examination. It is necessary to identify hormonal problems or find other causes for infertility. Particular attention is paid to signs of genital infections and disorders such as changes in the testes and blocked sperm ducts.

The causes of male infertility

Often violations of spermatogenesis develop on the background of the nervous system overload state of chronic stress and taking antidepressants. To return the activity of sperm after overheating, wait at least 72 hours, and the effects of medication disappear only after 72 days. However, the most common reason that leads to the necessity of treating male infertility, as the experts say, is still obese.

The diagram shows reasons that cause infertility. The data are expressed as a percentage.

diagram shows reasons that cause infertility

The diagram №1 – the causes of male infertility

Experts on the basis of a large number of publications, revealing the causes of male infertility, composed the complex diagram. It displays the main reasons that in one way or another cause violation of male fertility (ability to participate in fertilization). Selecting a method for treating male infertility depends on the identified causes of disturbances of spermatogenesis. In that case, if the cause of impotency is an increased level of female hormone, drug therapy pills is assigned, which reduce level of hormone.

If a man has genital infections, he will have a course of antibiotics. Hormonal disruptions (insufficient or excessive amounts of certain other hormones) should be treated with hormonal therapy. If sperm analysis revealed poor sperm quality, violation should be treated with homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and immune correcting means.

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